Hello everyone!

First, thank you all for the support. I’ve been struck by the sheer depth and breadth of support for my marathon. Genuinely now I wouldn’t have finished without knowing you were on the course, tracking me, watching tv, or wondering how it was going. There were times toward the end where the heat and pain would have finished me, but I didn’t let it because of you all!!!

Also thank you for the totally amazing levels of donations for my chosen charity the Welsh air ambulance- I’m on my way to raising close to £1000 for this worthy cause. Again, without that I would not have finished.

The run itself was tough. I’m not a road runner! The weather was also hot!! The first half was ok, the second my feet started to hurt in a way I hadn’t prepared for- under my small toes!! The pain just kept getting worse and worse. My pace slowed badly and I saw the pacer for my wanted time jog past and there was nothing I could do!