We will be publishing our annual quality reports over the next few days. In the meantime, here is a brief introduction to our reports.
“The Fieldbay Group is committed to providing high-quality services and we understand that to do this we need to constantly invest time, energy and money to bring our vision to reality.

Here are a few of the things that we have invested in this year:

  • In collaboration with the University of Wales, we have put a second set of managers through leadership training.
  • Joined the Huntington’s Disease Association and sponsored their first professionals’ conference in Cardiff.
  • We were listed as the top company in Swansea as part of the top 100 companies in South West Wales.
  • We supported ‘The Big Cwtch’ Event in Carmarthen for the second year.
  • Became an Accredited IOSH Training Centre and all Managers/Deputies have completed their IOSH award.
  • We have collaborated with Swansea University and WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) to recruit a Ph.D. student over 3 years to work on Health and Wellbeing within the Fieldbay Group.

We also continue to build on the work that we have started in previous years by:

  • Continuing to develop and deliver eLearning courses for all our staff.
  • Providing “Fieldbay Plus” discounts for our staff and a range of benefits such as gym membership, free counseling and discounts in stores and restaurants.
  • Using electronic care records to improve record keeping and communication and allow senior managers to have immediate knowledge of any significant clinical events and incidents.
  • Continuing to hold regular clinical governance meetings.
  • We continue to support the SWWBIG Conference and events such as the SWWBIG Christmas Event 2018.
  • Conducting staff engagement surveys.

All services use the Periodic Service Review quality improvement system. Under this system, managers complete a weekly and a monthly online survey indicating the status of Key Performance Indicators. The results of this survey are automatically scored and forwarded to both the completing manager and the senior management team. The completed surveys are then stored electronically.

The monthly survey provides a percentage score that represents the extent to which current performance matches agreed on performance targets. An independent monthly survey is conducted by senior managers using the same scoring system and the level of agreement between the scores obtained if used as a measure if the accuracy of reporting.”