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A new magazine-style brochure, the Heathfield Express, has been Co-produced by the residents of Heathfields Apartments, to help others interested in supported living to find out more.

The brochure is a result of Co-production sessions held last year when people were asked about their own experience of supported living and how their experience could have been improved upon moving to the property.

The people we worked said they’d had a positive experience within Fieldbay and struggled to think of anything that could be changed. We decided to turn this around and think about people who may not be having a positive experience or struggling to come to terms with the effects of an injury or illness that may be significantly impacting their life.

Instantly the group could relate, and all agreed that in that situation they would want people to know that they weren’t alone and that there was hope.

The individuals discussed the possibility of creating a magazine-style brochure to support individuals looking to move to Heathfields, what to expect, the people and their stories and stories of success in hope this would aid someone’s transition and ease any anxiety about what life might look like.

As a group they worked together to create the specific sections that were relevant to them, personal profiles, admission process and what the apartments had to offer. The group named the magazine Heathfield Express and this will now be shared with people looking to move to supported living.

Heathfield Express is a brilliant example of what can be achieved when you include the people that are experiencing the process first-hand. We look forward to working with people from across Fieldbay to support them in creating these for individual services.