Cwm Gwendraeth
Tumble, Carmarthenshire

59 bedrooms


Llannon Road,
Upper Tumble ,
Carmarthenshire SA14 6BU.

Cwm Gwendraeth is a 59-bed Care Home which is registered by CIW and works closely with various Local Health Boards and Social Services.

Our Registration Category allows us to care for persons aged 18-64 years and above with:

  • an acquired brain injury
  • dementia / mental infirmity
  • a learning disability with a primary diagnosis of acquired brain injury and/or dementia / mental infirmity
  • a mental illness (functional) with a primary diagnosis of acquired brain injury and/or dementia / mental infirmity
  • all of which can require residential or nursing care.

The Service is managed by Avril Pickett, an experienced manager who is also a registered general and psychiatric nurse.

Our staffing team consists of Registered Mental Health Nurses, Learning Disability Nurses, General Nurses and experienced QCF 2 & 3 qualified Care Staff.

Additionally, we employ full time qualified Occupational Therapists and activities staff and a Consultant Psychiatrist who inputs into the care of all our Service Users on a sessional basis.

The home has an excellent working relationship with visiting professionals, including the local Consultant Psychiatrist and the MDT members, dentist, optician, chiropodist, tissue viability nurses, palliative care teams, speech therapist, dieticians and other professionals.

In delivering the service, we also have the benefit of:

  • Driver / Carer
  • Qualified chefs and supporting kitchen staff
  • Domestic staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Administrators
  • Human Resources staff

We have additional training facilities in Swansea and have a continual rolling rota for staff training. This includes induction training for all new staff, and annual refresher training for all other staff. Training is ongoing and includes all mandatory training, such as fire training, health and safety, customer care training and effective management of complaints, 7 session dementia care training package including person centred care, fundamentals of care with dignity, neuro-rehab training by qualified O/T, communication and assertion skills, hand washing and food hygiene, infection control, basic first aid including CPR, SoVA, Company Policies and Procedures including equality and diversity, DoLS and MCA awareness, O/T, and importance of daily activities for stimulation by O/T staff. There is additional training on manual handling and de-escalation/and management of acting out individuals via the Positive Behaviour Support training package. These specialised training packages are delivered by our own in-house trainers.

We also actively train and supervise staff ‘on-the-job’ which we feel enhances the initial and refresher training and is an invaluable way to train all our staff.

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Cwm Gwendraeth, Llanelli