Ty Newydd

Ty Newydd,
Crown Road,
Bridgend CF34 0LN

01656 339655

Crusader Care

We provide care for 16 adults over the age of 18 with:

  • Acquired Brain Injury and requiring nursing care.
  • Dementia/Mental Infirmity and requiring nursing care.
  • Learning Disability with a primary diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury.
  • Mental illness (functional) with a primary diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury.
  • Neurological illness requiring nursing care.

Specialist services and facilities

Ty Newydd specialises in working with people who are often found to display a level of behavioural and/or complex mental health need that sometimes precludes them from being able to live in non-specialised mainstream social or nursing services.

We aim to deliver a provision of the highest quality to individuals who suffer with all types of Dementia, Acquired Brain Injuries (through trauma, stroke, or other neurological events), Learning Disability, Complex Behavioural Needs, Chronic Neurological Conditions such as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease, plus support for people with serious and enduring Mental Health conditions. We also aim to provide highest quality care needs associated with Palliative Care at the End of Life.

We aim is to maintain and where possible, improve, the overall independence levels for people in our care through rehabilitation (if appropriate), outcome focused goals, stimulation and social integration in order to maximise potential, optimal functioning and to enjoy a high quality of life.

We appreciate that the care and support needs of our service users are unique, individual and can change over time, therefore we provide a flexible and responsive approach to meeting their everchanging needs. This is achieved through identification of training needs for staff, and our managers take the lead with clinical input of our service users at monthly internal Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) evaluations at Ty Newydd, this is to assist and support placements and referrals to external agencies should further assistance and support be required.

Specialist services and facilities we provide are:

  • Care Assistant Advanced Practitioners trained in Manual Handling, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Positive Behavioural Management (PBM) and Fundamentals of Care. These staff are employed by Fieldbay and work weekly with ndividuals at Ty Newydd.
  • Physiotherapy – The Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Advanced Practitioners employed by Fieldbay visit Ty Newydd weekly, assessing the physical abilities of those in our care and providing programmes and regimes for those who need to improve or maintain their physical abilities. They will work closely with the staff team to provide training for mobility and exercises either in lounges, bedrooms or the therapies room.
  • Occupational Therapy – Our Qualified OT’s and OT Advanced Practitioners employed by Fieldbay, visit weekly to carry out assessments on the Activities of Daily Living to help those in our care remain as independent as possible. They work closely with the Manager and support staff to provide opportunities for activities and outings. Those living with us will have a goal orientated programme which is fully explained to those who are able to understand its purpose. The OTs work closely with the rest of the therapy team and liaise with external providers for those who require additional specialist equipment like wheelchair services and orthotics. The OT service is tailored for our service users and can be delivered in groups, individually, at Ty Newydd, or out in the Community utilising our minibuses.
  • Speech and Language Therapy (SALT) staff employed by Fieldbay input into Ty Newydd weekly, to enable us to assess and advise of swallowing difficulties, lead on communication strategies and to access other services if necessary.
  • Qualified Positive Behaviour Support and Management team members employed by Fieldbay, work with staff and service users at Ty Newydd as needed, to monitor patterns of behavior. The team provides ‘on the job’ training with the care assistants and individuals who need ‘Traffic Light Plans’ that detail a plan of managing their associated behaviours.
  • Ty Newydd has access to a full time Qualified Manual Handling Trainer employed by Fieldbay.
  • Ty Newydd care assistants are encouraged to train to their optimal functioning level and range from QCF 2 to QCF 5 qualifications and many undertake supervisory/advanced practitioner roles within the company.
  • Ty Newydd has access to a part-time Neuro-Psychologist.
  • Ty Newydd has access to a part time Consultant Psychiatrist, employed by Fieldbay, who will either undertake ‘shared care’ with an individual’s Psychiatrist or will undertake sole care if a person has no psychiatric input.

Ty Newydd, Crown Road