Yr Ysgol

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Heol Giedd,
Ystradgynlais SA9 1LQ.

The environment of Yr Ysgol has been carefully designed to provide space, with areas for activities. The environment promotes homely living rather than that of a hospital or more clinical settings. There is ample lounge and day space for our service users; furthermore, we have ‘sky TV’ in each area, to enable service users to be able to watch various channels including sports matches which are thoroughly enjoyed.

All areas require a code to enter, via a key pad system, this is to ensure the safety of our service users. Service users are able to visit other areas and engage in planned activities. The front door is also operated by staff to prevent people unknowingly entering the building that may cause concern or harm to our service users or staff, and to ensure safety is maintained for all.

Yr Ysgol has a main Kitchen plus kitchenettes in each area and in some apartments. All food is prepared fresh on a daily basis. Service users have a choice of meals and if they do not like the choice there are always alternatives available, to ensure the dietary requirements of our services users are met. The kitchen has a hatch which those who are able to, can approach to decide what they would like to choose from the kitchen. Where possible, we would encourage those who live with us to plan for and prepare meals with staff.

Yr Ysgol provides 24-hour nursing care and staffing levels are determined by service users’ requirements, furthermore, we pride ourselves on our staffing levels being at a high level. Our nurses are registered mental health, registered general and registered learning disability. This allows us to provide a high standard of care to service users with complex concurrent disorders/illnesses and behaviours. All our staff are trained in Positive Behavioural Management (PBM), for the management of challenging behaviour with a focus on verbal de-escalation and distraction interventions. We pride ourselves on knowing our service users very well and developing a relationship that promotes de-escalation.

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Yr Ysgol, Ystradgynlais