Our Supported Living Services in Wales

Our supported living services provide support to people who have complex challenging needs, arising from a brain injury, mental health diagnosis, neurological conditions and often associated physical disabilities including epilepsy and associated health needs.

We offer our supported living services either within individual services or within multi–person schemes. We develop bespoke services and flat schemes – working with housing providers and Registered Social Landlords to develop properties that meet local need and respond to commissioning demands.

Packages of support may vary from a couple of hours a week to support provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These are provided in the home environment or in the community and include supporting personal care needs. Our services are available 365 days of the year.

Individual support is dependent on people’s eligible needs as set out in their Person Centred Support Plan – taking into account preferences and aspirations and putting them at the centre of their care and support arrangements.

This active support approach gives the people we care for more freedom, choice and control over the type of care and support they receive. We work at the referral stages to explore the best housing option for people – in partnership with families and linked health and social care professionals, ensuring people have choice about their home.

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Director & RI of Supported Living Services

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North Lodge,

The house is a a beautiful period building and has been renovated to a very high standard and now provides 5 beds with 24-hour staffed support.

Bryn Derwen,

Our Supported Living Service, “Bryn Derwen” based in Ewenny, Bridgend is a beautiful 6 bedroom house which has been renovated to a very high standard.

Heathfield Apartments,

There are 14 living spaces at Heathfield Apartments. Each has its own meal preparation area with a hob, microwave, refrigerator, sink and storage space.

North Lodge

North Lodge is a a beautiful period building and has been renovated to a very high standard and now provides 5 beds with 24 hour staffed support. View our video to find out more about our supported living service.


Your journey to Fieldbay


Finding your new supported living home may be easier than you think. Here’s what to expect from our referral process.

1. Your journey with Fieldbay Supported Living starts with a referral from your health professional, social worker or care coordinator.

2. We speak to you or a family member to discuss your needs and arrange an assessment.

3. If Fieldbay is a good fit for you, we’ll let you know availability and arrange for you to view the property and meet the people who live here.

4. If everyone is happy for the move to go ahead, we’ll agree a plan for moving in. This will involve a welcome pack and transitional visits.


5. Once you’re all moved in, you are welcome to stay for as long as you want to. We’ll assign you a keyworker to support you and help you set goals.

Our support packages and referral process

Fieldbay welcomes referrals from anyone who might be interested in our services, whether private placements or from health professionals, local authorities or housing associations. We offer a clearly defined transition offer and follow a set of guidelines to ensure the process is led by the need of each person.

We work in a range of ways for transitions and take a bespoke approach to meet each person’s needs:

  • Either our Registered Manager or Deputy Manager will be the key link between all stakeholders – with their role identifying and facilitating all actions and streamlining the transition process.
  • Bespoke plans are personalised to individual needs, and include input from family members, linked health and social care professionals and include any restrictions, with MDT input and risk analysis.
  • The transition period is person centred and has a clear focus on history, wishes and needs, with all professional partners identified and consulted for input.
  • Timescales are dependent on the needs of the person to be supported and will range between current home, service and community visits, to include overnight stays at the service if appropriate: all informed by individual need.
  • Each supported living service is unique and we work in a partnership way with supported people, their families and housing providers to source and develop the right service for them.
  • This includes involvement at every stage – from viewing properties, making adaptations, decorating and reviewing.

Case study – Susan’s story

Susan was referred to supported living when she was no longer able to live independently due to her care and support needs. Susan has been diagnosed with emotionally unstable borderline personality disorder, type 2 diabetes and a right sided weakness due to having suffered a stroke.

Due to Susan’s diagnoses she has found it very difficult to maintain a stable environment for herself and she would often live homeless on the streets and take herself to far-away places that she was unfamiliar with and where the community didn’t know her. This led to her physically neglecting herself which resulted in her conditions deteriorating e.g. her skin integrity was very poor and her diabetes unstable.

Since being in one of Fieldbay’s supported living environments, Susan has stabilised and settled really well and for almost the first time in her adult life she feels at home. Susan really enjoys being part of a community and she has developed friendships and meaningful relationships with other people who live alongside her.

When she arrived, Susan was reluctant with her medication and was unable to walk due to the condition of her feet and legs. However with significant input from in house and external staff teams Susan has regained some of her mobility and is now able to walk with a zimmer frame. Her skin integrity has improved dramatically resulting in the healing of wounds.

Susan is also supported with her daily living skills such as cooking, cleaning and laundry. Susan participates in all in house leisure activities/events which has given her a sense of purpose and belonging. Susan feels her environment is now stable and she feels at home.

Susan says, “I am happy to receive support from staff which had helped me regain some independence.”

Fieldbay Supported Living offers:

  • Competent, fully trained staff teams.
  • Core support hours and additional support hours for everyday living skills community activities.
  • Specific Activity coordinator in post to plan and facilitate community engagement.
  • A comprehensive training package for all staff, specific training available based on individual needs.
  • Structured activity plans, goal setting and review documents.
  • Assigned and trained keyworkers, based on relationships and matching of supported people.
  • Each service has a Registered Manager, Deputy Manager and a Keyworker and each service user is assigned a keyworker.
  • Creation of individualised and person centred care plans.
  • Access to health facilities in the local area, support to formulate a health action plan to maintain or improve health conditions.
  • Access to recreational and vocational services and facilities locally.